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Andrew! WTF is up with my car?

The AC stopped working some time during the winter. The first time I tried to turn it on in the summer it wouldn't get cold.

Then on my way to Madison this weekend the vents were acting up. When I turned the vent power up to five the air was coming out like it was on 2 and today when I left work no air was coming through the vents at all no matter what I put it on! The only thing I could think of with my limited girl brain was to check the air filter but it's pretty clean.

What do you think?


Jul. 14th, 2009 01:25 pm (UTC)
A huge beetle would be awesome!

1. I think it was the engine air filter since I was in my engine :D
2. When I tried my vents yesterday they didn't make any fan sounding noises at all, just hot hot air oozed out very very slowly (I didn't notice unless I put my fingers in the vents.
3. I really don't care too much about not having AC but the fact that my air vents won't even work is weird, do you think they're related?
a. When the AC did work, when I turned it on to five it kind of hummed but when I turned it down from five it stopped making noise but it never shuddered or anything like that.
b. The air temperature did not change at all it just felt like the same air from outside.
c. If I don't fix the AC (like I said I don't really care about it) but my vents are clogged if they get unclogged do you think my bents will work? Is it bad for my car if the air vents won't even work?

P.S. You don't have to answer any of these questions, I"m going to get my oil changed on Wednesday so I plan to have them look at it anyway.

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