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The Master Plan

When We Clash There Is No Escape!

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Une Jeune Fille
6 January 1981
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I haven't updated my userinfo in about three or four years which is scary since that means I've had a live journal for that long. Yeesh!

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If you watch any of these shows drop me a note! I need to find more fans! When does Dr. Who Start?
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American Idol
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2% milk, a1, acrotomophilia, aol, asian boys, bacon, bar dice, big macs, blues clues, books, botan rice candy, boys clothes, boys in suspenders, boys over flowers, buying people gifts, character journals, coleridge, coriolanus, cosplay, dance dance revolution, dancing, darker than black, ddr, dexter, draco, drawing, dressing up, easy mac, eating out, electromagnetic fields, emily dickinson, english grammar, er, fake, fatal frame, faukner, flannery o'connor, food, freezie pops, french, french silk pie, fruits, fruits basket, garbage, gauls, gay rights, girls behaving badly, gq, gratuitous nudity, gravitation, half naked boys, hamsters, harry potter, harry potter smut, harvest moon, haunted houses, heroes, hikaru no go, horror, hot gimmick, house, hypno ring, improvisational comedy, italians, j-pop, japan, japanese pop, jude law, keats, kenshin, kettle chips, kittens, langston hughs, latin, laughing, learning, les bijoux, lilac, lilacs, literature, making faces, making people cry, making people laugh, male models, marcus smith, meeting new people, michael jackson, movies, my boo, my brother, my new computer, naruto, neopets, ninjas, novemberwolf, one piece, para para paradise, petshop of horrors, pirates, poetry, popular culture, prince of tennis, prison break, psobb, push-up bras, pyramid head, reading, reading novels, robert browning, robert frost, role playing, romans, roseanne, rpg, russian history, saiyuki, samurai champloo, schofield, sewing, shota, silent hill, simple people, slash, sleep deprivation, smart water, squirrel nut zippers, steak, sunflower seeds, t'ai chi, t.s. eliot, television, the godfather, thomas hardy, tim, tom green, tori amos, true crime, tuna, video games, white castle, william carlos williams, writing, writing essays, yaoi, yeats, yoi, you, zombies, zoolander

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