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I've decided today that I really miss RPing in Harry Potter games. I think I may actually try to go find one. It could be fun.

France Day 3

My third day in France was one spent traveling west. We got on the bus at eight am after breakfast of croissants, cheese, fruit, cereal, french bread, ham and yogurt (what every single hotel gave us for breakfast) and headed first for Giverny, where Claude Monet lived. We got to tour his massive gardens and his house (no photos allowed inside his house ;_;) and then went on to Normandy to Rouen where Joan of Arc was burned alive for being a witch, to Honfleur famous for it's super old half timbered houses and then to the resort town of Deauville for the night!

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France Day 1 and 2

Well I'm finally back! Since my France trip/experience was so long I'm going to write and post pictures about it in sections, probably by days, combining a few days that were short and / or uneventful! Like this first post! The first day was spent on a plane the second around Paris so I'm combining those photos.

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Well, I am in France now, the keyboard is very different so I`m stuck typing like a kid/old person (which means staring at the keys as I type). I`ve taken about 400 pictures already and I still have quite a fez days to go and a lot of monuments to visit in Paris. Every morning I wake up missing home but once I get on the bus and head out I forget all about all of you. I sent out my post cards from Mont St. Michelle and Deauville so I hope you get them soon.

Food here is amazing, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to eat real sit down food and the bread and crème buleé is awesome! Off to check IJ and my mail now so ttyl!!! <3 <3
Well I'm off now! A whole 24 hours spent in airports/planes! I'm going to 3 new airports, though! O'Hare, Toronto, and CDG (of course)! Sounds like fun!

BEC you JUST slipped in there for a post card :D If you have Monica's address send it to me, I have internet access at my first hotel
Anyone want a post card from my world travels?

Leave me your address. Replies are screened for the sake of security :D
A week from today I'll be touring Paris at my leisure

and I'm kind of freaking out about having to travel to a foreign country. I'm not afraid of flying and I love traveling and I don't think I'm going to be the victim of theft or that I'm going to forget to pack something so I don't know why I'm freaked out. I think what's doing it is thinking about all the money I'm going to spend there. That's weird, isn't it? Spending money is making me anxious.
So this summer I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance. My favorite Japanese locker got voted off ;_; but it's still really good! I guess I don't know anything about dancing though because this routine:

I really liked but the judges all hated. WTF?
So...A week from tomorrow I'll be flying to Paris. 0_0

May. 29th, 2009

Okay, I have a serious problem.

Zach was giving me a ride home from Geocaching today and right on my street by the only stop sign where I have to stop EVERY day is a sign and it reads:


WTF am I supposed to do now?!!!!!