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Here's a challenge for you!

PBs for 16 year old Scorpio Malfoy. GO!
Oooh boy :D

Fall TV premiers to watch:

Sept 9 - Glee
Sept 10 - Supernatural
Sept 17 - Fringe (need to catch up on this)
Sept 18 - Dollhouse
Sept 21 - House (TWO HOUR!!!!)
Sept 24 - The Mentalist
Sept 27 - Dexter
Sept 28 - Lie to Me

That's a lot. I think I have to wait until Feb. for LOST and I'm also watching Being Human on BBCA. Doctor Who has an episode planned for Nov 14 plus that are a few new series I'm thinking about looking into - like I need more TV right?

Aug. 2nd, 2009


That's it! I'm never letting anyone borrow DVDs from me again, I don't care who you are! I'm sick of loosing them to people who never return them!

I've lost the first season of LOST (forty bucks), the entire Kenshin series (100 bucks), and now I can't find season five of Queer as Folk (sixty bucks).

I don't even care if you're my family I'm not lending you ANYTHING.
Andrew! WTF is up with my car?

The AC stopped working some time during the winter. The first time I tried to turn it on in the summer it wouldn't get cold.

Then on my way to Madison this weekend the vents were acting up. When I turned the vent power up to five the air was coming out like it was on 2 and today when I left work no air was coming through the vents at all no matter what I put it on! The only thing I could think of with my limited girl brain was to check the air filter but it's pretty clean.

What do you think?

Jul. 10th, 2009

I saw Bruno tonight and it was pretty damn hilarious!

AND I didn't mention this before but I got my Harry Potter tickets! 12:02!!!

Morgan, I won't be able to make it to the B-Day party but you can bring my House and give it to Colleen, I'll be driving up to see her in August.

Dear Psychic Bob -

when making your radio advert, avoid looking like an even bigger retard by using proper English. "Thanks to Psychic Bob I avoided making a fatal mistake and my relationship was saved". Don't you mean "Thanks to Psychic Bob I avoided making a VITAL mistake and my relationship was saved?" or some other appropriate derivative? Unless by your relationship being saved you mean you avoided certain death.

I WILL post the rest of my France pictures, I swear!
First things first - I sent EVERYONE who asked me for a Post Card a post card but not everyone's gotten them! Have you gotten your post card?

Day Four - We left Deauville and went to Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery from WW2. After that we went to Arromanches-les-Bains where the allies invaded. It was there that I had my first French hot dog which consisted of a hot dog stuck in half a baguette, hollowed out to make room. It was DISGUSTING! Well, the hot dog was okay but I had it with ketchup and mustard and the mustard was SO strong I couldn't eat it. After that we went to Bayeux to see the Bayeux Tapestry, which was awesome! If you don't know what the Bayeux Tapestry is I suggest you look it up because it's a really good story. Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures of it. After that we went to Mt. Saint Michel. Saint Michel is this like...island. When the tide is out you can walk there but when the tide comes in it comes in really fast and makes the place an island. I couldn't believe how fast it came in, like rushing. It sounded like horses galloping towards you and then everything, even ill placed parked cars, is covered in ocean. Mt. Saint Michel is famous for its salted lamb. Since the ground is covered in salt from the ocean and the sheep eat the plants, they salt themselves so when you cook them up they're delicious. I ate them. It was great. I spent about forty dollars on that meal. INSANE!

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